Nothing puts a damper on taking your car for drive than the sting you feel when fill it up at the pump. We think life is too short to not just go for a drive sometimes. That is why we curated this list of 10 Tips to Saving Fuel.  Keep reading to learn some surprising ways you can increase your fuel savings. Click here to check out 10 Tips to Saving Fuel Part 1 for our first five tips.  

6. Avoid Construction Zones

Besides slower speeds and unnecessary idling, construction zones can affect your gas mileage due to rough and torn up roads. Uneven dirt and gravel can rob you of up to 30% of your gas mileage. If driving through construction has become a daily task of yours, see if there is another route to your destination. Even if the path is a little longer, it might bring a payoff when it comes to saving gas.

7. Think Before You Buy

When purchasing a new car it is important to think about exterior features. A sunroof may give you the best views, but it won’t give you the best gas mileage. A sunroof interrupts the smooth airflow over your vehicle creating drag, resulting in lowers fuel savings. The freedom a sunroof can bring may outweigh a lower gas mileage, but for drivers who are really trying to save this can make a big difference.

8. Park Smart

When parking, choose a spot that allows you to travel in forward gear when you return to your car. Driving in reverse uses more fuel than driving in forward gear. Plus when you drive in reverse you are driving the same distance twice. Once when you backup and then again when you move forward. This may seem like a tiny detail, but over time it will add up to noticeable savings.

9.  Shop Around

The next time you need to fill up your tank, don’t just automatically drive to the nearest gas station. Instead take some time to research and find the cheapest gasoline prices that are still nearby. Handy smartphone apps like GasBuddy can help to make your search a lot easier. Simply enter your zip code and the app will tell you the cheapest gas around and give you directions to get there.

10. Get Your Car Warm Weather Ready

As the temperatures start to warm and winter blizzards no longer become a daily threat, remove your snow tires. Driving on winter weather tires during good weather seasons will make a big impact on your fuel savings, and not in the good way. Change your tires as soon as is safe, driving on deep tread tires will really rob you of your fuel.

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